Repeat prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions can be put into the prescription box in the Surgery Foyer.

Repeat Prescriptions can be obtained by ticking the items required as shown on the last prescription slip received.  If you do not have a request slip please complete a routine slip held at Reception.

Use the button to the right to order repeat prescriptions online.

Before using online repeat prescription ordering for the first time patients will need to register by providing photo-ID to a receptionist who will then issue a user name and password.  Please contact Reception for further information.

Your prescription can be sent directly to any local chemist for collection, or delivery, if prior arrangements have been made.  Please note that you have a choice of chemists for the dispensing of your prescription.

Alternatively you can enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your request and we will post it back to you.

Because we are constantly aware of the safety, the risks and, of course, the benefits of prescribed medicines, please understand that repeat prescriptions will only be available after careful scrutiny of your request.  Therefore please allow 48 hours (not including weekends and Bank Holidays) for the issue of a repeat prescription. On the day prescriptions are only issued in very exceptional circumstances identified by clinical need and will be available after 6.15pm.  Patients are advised to request a repeat prescription approximately 1 week before running out of their medication.

Repeat Prescriptions are not produced over the weekend or on Bank Holidays.  Please see below:

Requests received before 5.00 pm Ready for collection
Monday After 5.00pm on Wednesday
Tuesday After 5.00pm on Thursday
Wednesday After 5.00pm on Friday
Thursday After 5.00pm on Monday
Friday After 5.00pm on Tuesday

When a doctor wishes you to have regular medication, you will need a Medication Review every 6 months.  Failing to attend your review may cause a delay to your request.  Please understand our cautionary approach on this matter as uncontrolled issues of repeat prescriptions could, under certain circumstances, be potentially dangerous and compromise your health.