The Practice runs an appointment system of both pre-bookable appointments and clinically urgent appointments bookable on the day.  An appointment can be made in person, by telephoning the Surgery during opening hours or on the Practice website.  When you contact the surgery please ask the receptionist for their name in case you need to contact the surgery further.

Important – Please note that at all times during the working day, emergencies always take priority over fixed appointments.

Generally 10 minutes is allocated at each appointment period.  For the mutual benefit of patients and doctors every effort is made to run to the appointed times.  However, should you require a longer appointment please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Sometimes, and for reasons beyond our control, we cannot guarantee punctuality.  We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Please note that an allocated appointment is for one patient only.  Do not be offended if your request to address another person’s problems is refused.  If you find you are unable to keep an appointment please let reception know in good time to allow availability of the appointment to other patients.

Whilst mindful of your wishes to see a particular clinician, this may not always be possible at a time convenient both to patient and the clinician, and unless you are prepared to accept an alternative arrangement some delay may occur.

All clinicians at Southview Park Surgery try to keep to their appointment schedule, however, there are times when clinics run late and delays will occur.

May we request that patients be ‘patient’ and if you wish to know why your appointment is running late, please speak to one of our Receptionists.

If your appointment is running late and you are unable to wait please speak to a Receptionist who will offer you another appointment.

If you have problems with our appointment system, please contact the Practice Manager.  Again we wish to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Online appointment booking and cancellations

Use the button to the right to book and cancel appointments online:

Before using online booking for the first time patients will need to register by providing photo-ID to a receptionist who will then issue a user name and password.  Please contact Reception for further information.

Telephone Appointments

Doctors and Nurses are available from 8.00am –18:30 for telephone appointments.

Telephone Advice

On receiving the request from a patient to speak to a GP or a Nurse a telephone consultation appointment will be booked.  The clinician will then telephone the patient.    Receptionists cannot put calls directly through to clinicians during clinics unless the situation requires emergency attention.

Follow Up Appointments

Patients who suffer from chronic or a longer term illness are encouraged to attend the surgery on a regular basis.  We recommend intervals of at least 6 or 12 months depending on your illness and its severity.  The Health Professional in charge of your case will advise you by specifying intervals for you.  If problems arise between specific visits please contact the surgery as soon as possible.

Missed Appointments

If you are unable to keep a pre-booked appointment please ensure that you phone the Practice well in advance to cancel your appointment.

The Practice is experiencing a rise in the number of patients who do not attend for their pre-booked appointments.  In these circumstances those patients who do not contact the surgery to cancel an appointment and do not attend for their appointments, three times in any year, may be removed from the Practice list.  It is with regret that this action needs to be taken but it is in the interests of all patients who require appointments.

Home Visits

There are no specific national guidelines available therefore home visits should be seen as a privilege and not an entitlement.  Except for emergencies, requests for visits should be considered carefully before contacting the surgery.  Those patients confined to the home due to illness or disability should contact the surgery before 11.00am to arrange a home visit.   Home visits will be triaged by a clinician and the clinician involved may contact you by telephone to discuss the nature of your problem before arranging the visit and ultimately it will be the clinician who decides whether a home visit is appropriate.  We are unable to provide a specific time for the home visit as this will be determined by the number of home visits requested. Please note that lack of transport cannot be accepted as a reason for a home visit, nor does the Practice provide transport services.

Consultation ethics

During consultations we aim to ensure the following; that

  • Your privacy, dignity and confidentiality are respected at all times.
  • You can discuss health related matters with a professional of the same sex wherever possible.
  • You are offered a chaperone if undergoing an intimate examination.
  • You will be offered an explanation of your problem, and treatment planning will be discussed with you.
  • We will take appropriate action to organise a second opinion if your symptoms warrant a specialist referral.


PLEASE NOTE – A new HUB (BB Healthcare Solutions) will be available from mid April at 3 sites. One in Basildon, one in Wickford and one in Billericay. These will be manned by 1 GP and 1 Nurse.

This will be 7 days per week. Monday to Friday 6.30pm – 8pm. Saturday 8am – 6pm, and Sunday 9am to 2pm also public holidays.

This is an extended access service which is available at the above times by calling your surgery you will be given further information.