Access to medical records

Updating, access and retrieval of medical records is maintained on our computer system and in paper files.  Confidentiality of stored data is safeguarded under the Data Protection Act 1998 and you have the right of access to your records by this Act. The Practice views the information of records on a need to know purpose only.  If you require further details about the recording process please contact the Practice Manager or Practice Secretary.

NHS Care Records Services

The NHS in England is introducing the NHS Care Records Service (NHS CRS). This is to improve the safety and quality of your care.
Over time, the NHS CRS will begin to provide healthcare staff with quicker access to reliable information about you to help with your treatment, including an emergency.

The purpose of NHS CRS is to allow information about you to be accessed more quickly, and gradually to phase out paper and film records which can be more difficult to access.

At first a Summary Care Record, which is set up by your GP, will just contain information about any recent prescriptions, allergies or unexpected reactions to medication you might have had.  It is for use by healthcare staff anywhere in England if you need treatment when you aware away from home, especially in an emergency.  Only Healthcare staff  involved in your care can get access to your records, and only if you give your permission first.

Those who would like to have a Summary Care Record set up for them do not need to do anything: a record will be automatically created.  If you decide not to have a Summary Care Record created for you then you must let your GP know by using an opt out form available from the surgery, by telephoning the NHS Care Records Service Information Line on 0845 603 8510 or via the website at